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What is Nic Salt?

Nicotine salts are e-liquids which contain a different type of nicotine compared to traditional (freebase) nicotine found in standard e-liquids. Nicotine Salts are different to freebase nicotine in many ways. The key characteristic of a nicotine salts is that they are absorbed faster into the body, they also provide a more intense nicotine hit which satisfies your cravings for much longer.

Throat Hit

Freebase nicotine is characterised by a higher PH level compared to nicotine salts. This makes traditional nicotine more alkaline which in turn creates a throat hit. Freebase nicotine creates a harsher throat hit which can be uncomfortable to new and experienced vapers alike. Nicotine salts have a more neutral PH level, this creates a smooth throat hit, even when using high nicotine strengths.


Another key characteristic of nicotine salts is the availability of nicotine within them. With options such as 10mg and 20mg being the most common. Our Vampire Blood salts are mixed using 40%VG and 60%PG with a 20mg nicotine strength (Read more about VG/PG ratio’s here) As a result, salts are best enjoyed using pod kits. These devices have less power and operate in the MTL or mouth to lung fashion. In combination with nicotine salts, pod devices create a very realistic smoking sensation. If you are a smoker seeking to quit, this setup is ideal.

Nicotine Salt Shots

Because of the benefits of using nicotine salts over traditional freebase nicotine, many vapers turn to using nicotine salt shots in order to boost their shortfills instead of opting for the traditional freebase nicotine shots. To get a vampire blood nicotine salt shot, click here. This enables the use of nicotine salts in higher powered devices such as sub ohm kits. Use of pre-mixed nicotine salts  is not advised in these types of devices, because of the high cloud production, it is very easy to over consume nicotine as its concentration is much higher in nicotine salts compared to freebase nicotine.

Best Level

Because of a higher nicotine concentration its best to start slow with nicotine salts, they are the best choice for beginners but the high concentration of nicotine can be too much for new vapers when smoked quickly or chain vaped.

Who is it for?

As stated previously, salts are ideal for new vapers, but many experienced vapers also choose them as their go to liquids due to the aforementioned factors. Vapers who enjoy large cloud production might not find salts appealing as they are not suitable for high powered devices and contain too much nicotine.